The reason to write this article is trivial — curiosity and professional experience where i particpate in migration from ActivMQ to Kafka.

For those who want to deeply understand the subject, I insistently recommend reading the next two books :

· Neha Narkhede, Gwen Shapira, Todd Palino “Kafka: The Definitive Guide” (very fundamental, but unfortunately already slightly outdated)

· Jakub Korab “Understanding Message Brokers” (good, but requires to have some previous experience)

Perhaps the most fundamental difference between these two systems is the next:

. Kafka is NOT a transport, but streaming STORAGE of data with limited addressing capability.


Bengagi Foued

A passionate Full Stack Software SpringBoot/Angular Developer 🚀 having an experience of building Web applications with Spring boot / Angular / Postgres / Elast

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